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Skiffs, Sheet Shaking, and Tarot

December 23, 2013 by Carley

Skiff and River

The holidays over, so I guess that means I can’t eat candy for breakfast anymore.  Sigh.

I’ve got a bunch of events in January and February…they’re listed on the events page of this site and I hope you’ll come to one or all.  I’ll read new sad poetry, old Stalker stuff, even newer, dirty, nostalgic, indie rock n’ roll fiction, and a sestina!!

My dear friend, fellow poet mom, and partner-in-crime, Caitlin McDonnell, had a tarot card-induced vision last week and has started this exciting new performance piece/installation/incantation called Shaking Sheets.  I think you should check it out!  It strikes me as a particularly good way to start the New Year.  Shake out a sheet!  Shake out shame!  I made one of these little movies in a blizzard and it felt good (opened up my shoulders and my heart)!

Speaking of tarot cards and the new year, another dear friend and fellow poet mom, Hoa Nguyen, is offering a series of virtual and in-person tarot reading workshops in the next month.  Here’s the link to her site and the Facebook events page if you’d like to sign up.  She’s practically giving away these workshops!  And you could learn about the tarot deck!  Hoa gave me an on-line, over-the-phone-reading last fall that opened my eyes in some significant ways.  Tower energy anyone!??

Oh, and finally here’s a new poem:


The Skiff


My heart is a skiff,

pirated in swells. 

You sail it.

You race it.

You win.


I rig up a tattered sail,

and send out an S.O.S. 

All is lost. 

All is lost.


I see through squall.

I’m an icy gambit.


I dream big in the wolf’s lair.

The shape of it is airport hanger.

The heat of it is hair dryer.

I stumble towards a nursery school.

There are kids outside of it—singing and shouting.

Their high voices are honey, Calypso, sirens, all of it.

I step onto the frozen river that moats their yard.

It splinters, groans, and opens up.


Underneath the ice is more ice.

Underneath the boat is more boat.

Underneath the heart is more heart.


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