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Some Aphorisms

February 4, 2016 by Carley


Insomia.  Up at 4:30.  Happy only that I get work done at this hour.  But it’s something.  I haven’t posted on the blog in so long, and soon I’m going to overhaul the website and perhaps remove the blog since most of my day-to-day thoughts of late make their way into the essays I’m publishing and onto Facebook and Twitter.

My students are writing aphorisms for today’s class and we’ve been talking about how some of the best writers on Twitter are aphoristic.  Masha Tupitsyn for one, but many comedians, and of course the celebrities who are accidentally aphoristic.  I teach aphorisms because they are basically claims (counter-intuitive, surprising, objective, in need of evidence, imagistic, and conceptual) and so a huge part of essay writing.  Plus, it’s fun to play with a sentence-size form.

Here are some of mine:

It takes to two to tango, but I’d rather mosh.

The best revenge is sleeping well.

My insomnia is like a dog with a bone.  Drop it, I say, but she won’t.

Never send an email at 4 am.

Vision is most blurred in the middle of the night.

Icy streets turn us into toddlers.

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