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August, 2012

  1. This Week in Images

    August 31, 2012 by Carley

    Some images from this week and some animals who may or may not be stalking you:

    Two shirtless homeless men wrestling over change outside the Washington Square Park entrance.  The crowd’s confusion about whether or not it’s sport or fight.

    The first-year student who Malka and I see barefoot in the Starbucks of our residence hall.  Later, I watch her run–still shoeless–into traffic to talk to a boy.  The car stops, she waves, and then tries to convince the boy to come into Starbucks with her.

    Glass breaking, metal against metal, the beeping back-up noise that garbage trucks make.  NYU, what exactly are you hauling out of the library in the middle of the night?

    The look on some of the faces of the parents on Move-In Day.  “You’re gonna take care of my kid, right?  No, really, you will, right?”

    The rip-ripping sound of the Velcro on the leg brace I’m wearing at night to try to mend my heel.  I wore leg braces when I was a kid, and I’m surprised and not-surprised to find that Velcro is still pretty much the main technology for affixing straightening devices to one’s legs.

    Malka looks out the living room window yesterday and says to me, “Look mom, look at all of the princess castles.”

    We walk by the Disney princess toy section in Barnes and Noble, which of course, I always try to ignore.  Malka stops in front of a toy carriage (I guess it belongs to Cinderella) and says, “Oh my god, it’s the most special wagon in the world.”  I can do nothing, but agree.

    Drumming, piano playing, smooth jazz, Dixieland, folk, and all-manner of hooting, wooting, and call and response.

    Matt and I standing on the corner of Thompson and 3rd Street.  I say, “Where do you eat around here?”  He says, “I have no idea.”

    Re-reading the first forty pages on my novel-in-progress and trying to find the thread.